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Swim Meet Essentials

Water and Gatorade -- Stay Hydrated!
Healthy snacks
Swim cap
Sunscreen (don't apply to your arm until after your events are marked)
Insect repellent
Money for concessions (and/or pack your dinner)
Folding chair
Books or games to enjoy between events

For rainy meets, bring extra towels and rain gear for the parents

Label EVERYTHING with your name!

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Swim Meet Logistics

Swim meets are not drop-off events; swimmers should have a parent or other responsible adult at the meet.  Swimmers will sit with their age group under the tent, with the age group parents who are working at that meet.  (The tents come down at sunset, but the swimmers still stay together in the tent area.)

Parents who are working at the meet should check in with the volunteer coordinators to get nametags, instructions, and equipment.  Parents who are not working at the meet can find a place to sit in the shade or poolside (depending on the pool) to cheer the team on.  Please keep the ends of the pool and ready bench areas clear so the swimmers, coaches, and meet volunteers have room to work and clear sightlines.

You are welcome to take your swimmers to the concession stand, etc., between events, but please let the age group parent know where to find them, and keep an eye on when they need to be back at the tent area to line up for their next event. 

In the event of lightning, the pool area will be cleared for safety, so you will need to move to your vehicle to wait out the delay in a safe spot.  Unless a specific return time is communicated (via Remind text or announcement at the pool), assume that the meet may resume at any moment (i.e., don't leave!)  It's especially important for meet volunteers to be ready to resume when the meet starts again, so stick close.  If the pool is cleared, you are welcome to leave waterproof items behind, but you are responsible for the security of your belongings, rain or shine.

After each event, ribbons are awarded to the swimmers from each heat.  You are welcome to take photos (and share them with us at ), but be sure to allow space for the awards process to continue unhindered.

At the end of the meet, please collect your swimmers, all of their belongings, and any trash around their area.  The Tarpons always recycle at home meets -- cans and bottles go in the recycle bins, and trash in the trash cans.  If you carry any pool furniture up into the grass, we appreciate help returning it to the pool deck after the meet.

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2018 Meet of Champions 1st place for 11 & UP


2022 Division 1

New Territory Tarpons * Greatwood Geysers * First Colony Gators * Covington Woods

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